About Us

The School of Physical Science and Technology develops from the Physics Department of Wenhua College established in 1903. Its Theoretical Physics is a national key discipline and provincial preponderant discipline, Deep Structure of Substance Physics a key discipline of the national 211 project and Physics a provincial key discipline (the First Level).


Entrusted by Chinese Ministry of Education, the School has the National Science (Physics) Basic Scientific Research Base and the Talent Cultivation Base, the Key Lab of Quark and Lepton Physics. Besides, the provincial key laboratory of High-energy Physics and Central and Southern China Exchange Center of Theoretical Physics are affiliated to this School.


The School has 128 staff members, among whom there are 40 professors and 25 associate professors. Of the staff, 23 are doctoral supervisors and 56 hold a PhD degree. With so many excellent teachers having national and provincial titles, the School has various majors. Undergraduate programs are Physics (normal*), Electronic Information Science and Technology (engineering), Communication Engineering (engineering), Physics-Chemistry (non-normal*), Math-Physics (non-normal). The School enrolls master and doctoral candidates in majors such as Theoretical Physics, Particle physics and Atomic Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Optics, Radio Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics. Also, the first level discipline Physics has a mobile post-doctoral station. Other graduate programs are Physics Teaching Methodology (Education), Astrophysics (Astronomy), Circuits and Systems (Engineering), Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology, Microelectronics and Fixed Electronics, Communication and Information Systems, Materials Physics and Chemistry (Engineering) and etc.


In recently years, lots of achievements have been made by the School especially in the field of particle physics and atomic physics, and theoretical physics. The School led the Chinese team that involved in the CERN- LHC-ALICE program. In 2009, it held the World Wide Telescope Seminar. It has undertaken over 100 national, provincial and ministerial research topics and acquires research fund of over 40 million RMB. It published more than 600 thesis collected in SCI, among which 21 have been published on Phys. Rev. Lett. with CCNU as their first author affiliation.


The current number of registered undergraduate students and students of higher level is respectively 1277 and 383 (4 foreign students, 90 doctoral candidates, 274 master candidates and 15 Masters of Education). Many students distinguish themselves with international achievements.


Website: http://phy.ccnu.edu.cn/index.html